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Decorating With Vintage Window Frames - Updated 6/10/18

Vintage window frame decor with barnwood background

Using vintage window frames in the remodel of our old farmhouse, has always seemed to be a natural fit.  I bought a “lot” of  vintage window frames a couple of years ago at an auction… several styles and sizes.  Most were 6-pane almost square ones.  But, there were also 4 tall, skinny frames that I had set aside to use later.

A light bulb came on… 

The frames have been stored in the barn… we weren’t finished the remodel and I hadn’t decided for sure where and how I was going to use them.

I was in the barn gathering eggs a few days ago and glanced at those 4 skinny frames leaning against the barn breezeway, with that old grayed wood and chipped paint, got my creative juices flowing.

Use the vintage window frames horizontal!

I grabbed a couple of them, and headed to the back porch.  After giving them a good wire-brushing to get the loose paint, accumulated dirt and grim off, I took the water hose and hosed them down.  While they were drying in the sun, I started looking for “possibilities” in my craft room.

Vintage window frame decor all brushed and washed

After turning them vertical and horizontal, I realized that both ways  would work.  It was easy to add a few stems of flowers or cotton bolls, but there was still a lot of blank space.  And, should I add a background of some kind?

Fence boards… chicken wire… or nothing?  

There were several options for the backdrop…. leave it open and the wall behind it will provide the background, use chicken wire and make it really “country”,  or you could use old fence boards for a “rustic” look.

But no matter which backdrop you used, there was still a lot of open space… it needed “something” to finish it off.

Vintage window frame decor using spring flowers
Vintage window frame decor using cotton balls and burlap ribbon

The vintage window frames come to life…

There were several options in the craft room that worked.  There were wood, cut-out letters and words from other projects that could be hot-glued onto the wooden background I had chosen.

Here’s the end results… I think they turned out pretty good.  Now all I have to do is find a place to put them.

Just for the record… our entire downstairs is one 40’x50′ room, except for a small bathroom in the corner behind the kitchen.   The “wall space” consists of 5 large picture windows,  the front door,  rock fireplace, and kitchen cabinets… all of which I love!

However, that only leaves one wall large enough to hang much of anything.   So, until I can figure out what to do with the them,  I’ve got them leaning against the fireplace like a screen.

vintage window frames finished
Vintage window frame with Believe.

The frame on the left is by far my favorite.  I hot-glued an old amber bottle to the frame and stuck a few lavender stems in it.  My plan is to change the stems out with the seasons… red berry branches at Christmas,  some dried “weeds” for fall, etc.

After I took the pictures of the one on the right, I took everything off and have left it plain for now.

What do you think?  Any ideas?

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This Post Has 7 Comments
  1. I like the “Believe” one and would use it for Christmas on my front porch. Add a poinsettia with it and you would be good to go!

    1. Great idea… it would be super easy to change out the flowers with the season. Thanks

    1. Are you thinking a collage along with the flowers… or instead of the flowers. Either would work, I think.

  2. I’ve seen frames with pictures behind the glass. Since that’s a long area you might mount a collage of pictures on cardboard and attach behind the glass. Old pictures of grand and great grand parents might look good. Or just use current ones. That said, it may not look good tho in reality compared to how it looks in my head! 😳🤭😉 Dian

    1. Unfortunately all of the tall frames had at least one panel with broken glass… one of them both panes were broken. But I like the idea of Grand or Great Grand Parents pics.

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