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Spring Mantle Decorations 2018

Spring Easter mantle decor

With the c-r-a-z-y Arkansas weather this year, my Easter and Spring décor has been limited to just changing the decoration on the fireplace mantle.

I love my bunny rabbits and fake grass…

But best of all, I love having a fire in the fireplace everyday. I catch myself spending a lot of “thinking” time, just standing in front of the fire and rotating from front to back.  I think I do a fairly good job of holding the fireplace up while I solve the worlds’ problems!  Lol

After Easter was over, I switched out my bunnies for springtime flowers. 


But, if you notice, there isn’t a fire even though the temps have AGAIN been in the 30’s and 40’s the last couple of days.  I’m still a little spooked about building another fire… I almost burned the house down a few days ago. And when you live in the middle of no-where, that’s not a good thing.

Are you as ready for SPRING as I am?  Has your weather been crazy this year… our’s sure has.


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  1. I love wood kitchen items, use mineral oil on them when looking dried outand I love your fireplace and that wood mantle !!!!❤️
    I’ve had a fire this winter and spring about anytime it’s in the 40’s or lower. In fact all day the last 3 days. Immcurioisnrhonwhaybhooenwd thatbyoubalmost caughtbyour House in fire??? Please be careful … don’t want anything to happen to you or tour cute old house!!!🤭😢😊❤️😳🤔❗️❗️ Love your blog! dian

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