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ALDI Beat Walmart's Prices AGAIN... It's 11 to -0-

ALDI Grocery Store

I went grocery shoppping at ALDI a couple of days ago and ended up getting everything on my grocery list for only $44.57 (before tax).

Big deal, you may be thinking… keep reading.

Those of you who aren’t familiar with Aldi may be thinking it’s some dumpy little store with a few grocery items and highly overpriced, like any “Quickie Store.”

But, for those of us who already shop at Aldi… we think it’s the best grocery store on the planet and hate having to pay more when I have to buy something at Wal-Mart.

I’ll admit, that there are a few “unusual” things about ALDI:

  1. They don’t accept coupons
  2. You sack your own groceries
  3. You provide your own grocery bags (I keep mine in the truck of my car all the time anyway… so no problem)
  4. There are only a few employees
  5. The groceries are displayed in boxes rather than setting loose on shelves.
  6. What they have to sell is on the shelves… they don’t have stockrooms.
  7. They get a delivery truck every day… which mean that their dairy, meat and produce is fresh.
  8. They sell their own brands rather than “name brands”… but the quality is super!
All ALDI food is displayed in boxes
The ALDI produce is always fresh

9.  The person at the register is “faster than the speed of light” at checking you out.  (The reason the picture is a little blurry… the Checker was going so fast, and I couldn’t get him to stop for a picture)
10.   You pay a quarter to get a shopping cart, but get the quarter back when you return the cart to the cart rack.

The checker is lightning fast
YOu return your cart to the rack and get your quarter back.

Back to my shopping trip…

It so happened that everything on my grocery list was in the produce or diary section. And, since it would be really easy to do… I decided I would do a little “comparison shopping”… and headed to Walmart.

There was a shopping cart setting in front of my parking spot, so I got it and went inside. I took my receipt from Aldi and wrote the Walmart price beside each item on it. I was careful to be sure that I was pricing the same size or per pound, so it would be accurate. And since it was produce, I didn’t have to worry about BRAND NAME price difference. But, I did price the Walmart brand for the bacon and cottage cheese.

I felt like a mystery shopper… lol.   This was going to be interesting!

When I was finished, I put the grocery cart back at the front of the store, where it belonged and left. When I got home, I added all the amounts I had written in. I knew there would be a difference, but never crossed my mind that it would be that much!

Had I bought everything at Walmart… I would have paid $55.83 (before tax)!

So, buying at ALDI… I had saved $11.26 or a little over 20%!!!!!!!


A little info about ALDI:
The first ALDI was opened in Germany by Anna Albrecht in 1961…making it the first discount store in the world. Today, there are over 10,000 stores in 18 Countries (not including the US).

The first store in the US was opened in 1976 in Iowa. ALDI’s US Headquarters are located in Batavia, Illinois. There are over 1600 stores in 35 States and they announced in June, 2017 that they will be opening another 900 stores by end of 2018. They are opening a new store every week.

In the last year, they’ve expanded their organics line… organic yogurt, organic milk, organic almond milk, organic carrots, organic salsa, organic beans, organic canned tomatoes, tomato sauce and paste, organic granola bars, peanut butter, and several other things.

If you haven’t shopped at an ALDI store, I encourage you to do so. That is unless you aren’t interested in saving money.

Do you shop at ALDI?  Have you ever checked to see how much you saved?

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  1. I Love Aldi’s. I first sopped at one on a trip to Germany about 15 years ago. So when one finally opened in Arkansas, I was very excited to see the same fresh products that I had enjoyed overseas.
    I am in Atlanta now and have multiple locations to choose from. So whichever way I am travelling on shopping day, I always shop Aldi’s first and then make a quick stop at Wal-mart for the items I can’t get at Alldi’s..

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