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Cleaning and Removing Water Stains on Granite Countertops


I love granite countertops… they’re both beautiful and easy to take care of.  However, over time granite can lose its shine and start to look dull and dirty. But, here’s how to deep clean and remove water stains on granite countertops. It doesn’t take long and will leave your countertops looking like new.

Before we start a deep clean, you need to clean off anything that’s dried on the granite.  Because of the colors and patterns in granite, it’s easy to miss the stuck on stuff when you’re wiping down the countertops.  I’ve noticed it the most around the stove when I’m cooking.  I run my hands over the granite to feel for rough spots. If there is food stuck on, take a damp cloth… I use microfiber cloths,  and let it sit on the spot for a couple of minutes. Whatever it was, usually wipes right off.

I’ve been making my own kitchen cleanser  for several years and I absolutely love it!! It’s easy to make and it makes my kitchen shine… appliances, countertops, sink.   It does a great job of cleaning everything, except it doesn’t remove water stains on granite. The hard water stains around the faucet was driving me nuts.

How to remove water stains on granite

I first noticed the hard water stains on the soap dispenser and faucet.  Every time we washed our hands or rinsed the dishes, we were leaving behind little drops of water. And before long, there was a pretty ugly water stain buildup on the granite.

Vinegar is really good to for dealing with hard water stains… but using vinegar on granite is a big no-no. So I looked around and finally found an easy way to remove water stains on granite.

Here’s an easy tip to remove water stains on granite.

Before we go any further… I HIGHLY recommend you test your granite in a small out of the way spot before you try removing a hard water stain… or any stain for that matter.

I’ve used this trick for several years without any problems… but all granite is different, so, again test a spot first.  I originally got the idea on the William-Sonoma website, to use Bar Keepers Friend to remove water stains on granite.  Their website mentioned it was safe on granite so I ordered a can.  The newer cans don’t mention that it’s safe to use on granite, but I still use it and haven’t had any trouble.

Remove water stains on granite with Bar Keepers FriendAfter you’ve tested your granite, then apply a small amount of Bar Keepers Friend  to a microfiber cloth. Start rubbing the water stains on the granite.   (. If you don’t already have microfiber cloths or want new ones I highly recommend the microfiber cloths here.)

Don’t scrub hard.  About 15-20 seconds of light rubbing will do it and then wash it off.  Do not let the Bar Keepers Friend sit there… rub it and then rinse it off.  If the water stains on the granite are really bad, you may need to  add a little more on your cloth and rub lightly for another 15-20 seconds or so.  Again, do NOT let it sit there… rub and then rinse it off

Look at my before pic above and now look at the after pic below where the water stains around the faucet are gone.

How to remove water stains on granite

It’s time to add some shine!

I love this DIY Granite Spray Cleaner.  It doesn’t remove water stains on granite, but it works great to disinfect and make the grate sparkly clean and your kitchen smelling good. The rubbing alcohol kills any germs that might be left in the granite pores and it also adds the shine. Just spray down the countertops with the granite spray and wipe them down with a clean microfiber cloth.

It only takes about 20 minutes to really clean your granite countertops.  But the difference is amazing. I try to do a deep clean every other week. Deep cleaning granite keeps the dust and grime away and your granite countertops looking great.

How do you remove water stains on granite?  Have you ever used Bar Keepers Friend?  Do you finish cleaning your counters with a granite spray?

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  1. I know this isn’t about microfiber cloths, but I just started using them and it’s amazing what a difference they are to my cotton dishcloths. I love them and highly recomment them.

  2. I don’t have granite, but don’t see why this wouldn’t work on my quartz tile counters. Thanks for the tip.

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