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Peppermint… A Natural Pest Control
For Ants, Spiders and Rodents

Peppermint is a natural pest control

Spring has finally arrived in NW Arkansas and along with it the little pissants.  During the winter, they seem to disappear. But when the spring rains start, thousands of them show up all over my house and especially in the kitchen.  That’s when I make a bottle of my “natural pest control”.

Instead of trying to find a natural pest control, the majority of people assume that using chemical pesticides is the only way to get rid of ants, spiders and other insects.  But, the use of pesticides has turned into a massive problem.

Americans use close to 136 million pounds of pesticides in their homes, lawns, and garden every year! Think about it: do you really want to expose your family and your family pets to those chemicals?

But luckily, nature has provided exactly what you need to keep your home pest-free, without using harmful chemicals… and best of all, it’s 100% safe for your family and your pets.

Peppermint is a natural pest control

A Natural Pest Control

If you had even mentioned to my Grandmother that you had an upset stomach, indegestion or a headache, out came her “medicine bag”.  She would pull out her little cloth bag of minty smelling crushed leaves and dose you up good.  In no time at all, the headache or upset stomach was history.

You could open Granny’s cabinet drawers and there was that same minty smell.  You stepped out her back door… it was there.  It was everywhere!  I asked her once why she put the mint in her cabinets and she explained that not only was mint good for “what ails you”… it also kept the mice and bugs away.  It seems that mice and rodents don’t like the pungent smell of mint.  So Granny had her own version of a natural pest control.

peppermint works as a natural pest control

Using Peppermint to Repel Insects

There are hundreds of mint varieties and I don’t know which one Granny used.  All I know is that it worked.

I grow and use peppermint, which is a combination of spearmint and water mint.  Both of those mint types have a strong menthol content, and as a result have very similar benefits, both as a home remedy and a natural pest and rodent control.

If you’re having an insect problem, peppermint can help.  Peppermint, will repel spiders, ants, and biting bugs like mosquitoes.

Instead of buying pre-made natural mint repellents, why not consider making your own.

  • You’ll save money.
  • You can make a fresh supply at any time.
  • It will make your house smell wonderful.
A natural pest control.. Peppermint Spray

You can make a peppermint spray to use in your house.  Mix 10-12 drops of peppermint essential oil **** to 8 oz. of water, and pour it in a spray bottle.  You can spray all around your cabinets, drawers, pantry… and everywhere you see spiders and insects.

Not only will the peppermint spray work as a natural pest control, but your house will smell wonderful.

NOTE:  Essential oils have properties that break down plastic… which not only destroys the oil, but also causes the plastic to leak. So unless, you’re going to use the entire mix and then throw the plastic bottle in the garbage which ends up in the landfill… then please use a glass spray bottle.  I get mine here  and just rinse it out if I want to use it with a different oil.

Peppermint is super easy to grow and can be planted around the outside of your home as a deterrent to rodents.  However, be aware that if you don’t keep it under control, it will smother out other plants that are close by.   I keep my peppermint plants in large flower pots near my front and back doors.

**** If you want to order a bottle of Peppermint Essential Oil… let me know.  You can also use the Peppermint Essential Oil in making my Dandelion Salve which is great for sore muscles and joints.

Have you… or do you use Peppermint in your home?  Add your comment below.

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  1. I’ve been bombarded with ants for weeks. Nothing seems to work, but I put peppermint oil on a bunch of cotton balls and put them around in my cabinets and drawers. So far, it’s working. There are a few places that I missed orinigally, but I’ve stuck the cotton ball in those areas too. So bye-bye ants!

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