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Dr Teal's Olive Oil Mineral Soak

I don’t know about you… but no matter how much lotion I put on after my shower or bath, especially in the wintertime, my skin gets sooooo dry it just flakes off.

I figure that by the time Spring rolls around, I have shed and replaced my entire body skin several times. Just wish the new skin would make me look younger… unfortunately that doesn’t happen.

If you’re in the same boat, I’ve found something that solves the problem… Dr. Teal’s Avocado Oil Ultra Moisturizing Mineral Soak.

I normally take showers in the summertime, but love taking baths in the wintertime… especially with Epsom salts. If you’re not familiar with Epsom salts, it’s been around for years and your Grandmother probably used it for everything from soothing eczema to easing arthritis to making sunburns less painful.

An Epsom salt bath is amazing if you have achy muscles, of just want to detox and de-stress. The only thing is, the salts suck the moisture out of my body and make my already dry skin even worse.

A few weeks ago I was at the store… getting more Epsom salts, and right next to the plain stuff, I saw Dr. Teal’s Avocado Oil Moisturizing Mineral Soak.

Avocado oil hydrates the skin

Avocado oil is one of the carrier oils that you mix with essential oils because it hydrates, nourishes and softens the skin. Oil and water doesn’t mix, so that’s what makes Dr. Teal’s Avocado Oil Ultra Moisturizing Mineral Soak so fabulously moisturizing… using the Mineral Soak gets you the best of both worlds.

You might think that a mineral salt with avocado oil would make your bath water slick and slimy, but it doesn’t. And it’s really good for your feet if you have really dry heels. I also noticed that my cuticles don’t end up cracked and ugly.

If you’re a bath person but hate the way it can dry your skin, you ought to give Dr. Teal’s Avocado Oil Moisturizing Mineral Soak a try. I found it at Walmart… but you can also order it here.(make it a link)

Have you tried Dr. Teal’s yourself? If so, how do you like it?

What things do you recommend to balance the drying effects of an Epsom salt bath?

Here’s to getting rid of dry, flaky skin.

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