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Making Your Own Wooden Pumpkins Out Of A Log

Cute pumpkins made out of logs

I’ve had fun making these pumpkins using some of our firewood logs. They’re super easy to make and look really neat on the mantle.

You need three things:

  • a log
  • 1/8 yd. green burlap (or ribbon)
  • Rit Liquid Dye – “Sunshine Orange”

And access to:

  • a chop saw, chain saw, or skill saw (if you don’t have either of those, ask around – you probably know                                                                   someone who can saw the log, and if necessary drill the holes.
  • a drill with paddle bit – see picture below (needs to be smaller than the branch for the pumpkin “stalk”).
  • paint brush (any cheap one will do)
Grab a couple of logs to cut for pumpkins
Use Rit liquid dye to color the logs
Use a paddle bit to drill a hole for the stem

1. Select your log – I used one about 5″ in diameter. Cut it into different lengths, so that your pumpkins aren’t all the same height. I cut one 4″, 6″, 7 1/2″, 8 1/2″, and 10″. Your log doesn’t have to sit straight – real pumpkins aren’t perfectly flat.

Cuts the logs for pumpkins
Center the paddle bit in the center of the lot
Drill a hole in the log about 1"

2. Drill a hole in each piece about an 1″ deep, close to the center of the log’s diameter.

3. Pour the Rit dye into a plastic throw-away dish and paint each one of your logs. ( I poured the whole bottle into a gallon bucket, filled the empty bottle a couple of times with water and added it to the dye, put my rubber gloves on and just rolled the log around in the bucket until the log was covered good.)

4. Stand the painted logs upright onto several layers of newspaper and paper towels to drain and drip. Leave them to dry for several hours.

Wedge the stick stem into the log

5. Your pumpkin stalk needs to be about 4″ long. I used the natural break/raw end as the top and the cut end I pushed into the drilled hole in the top of the log. (You can glue it in if you want… I didn’t).

Make sure the stalk fits tightly in the hole
Finished log pumpkin

5. Cut your bulap in half lengthwise (that will be a litle over 2″ strips. Cut the strips into 10″ lengths. You need one strip for each pumpkin you’re making. The burlap will ravel which is fine… gives it a rustic look.

6. Tie the burlap strip around each stalk.

7. Enjoy your pumpkins.

Do you make your own fire starters of buy “starter” logs?

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  1. What a neat idea. Guess you could just paint them instead of using dye? I have orange paint already.

  2. These are the cutiest things. Definitely gonna try making them. I have a neighbor who can cut them for me.

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