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How To Get Rid Of The Bags Under Your Eyes

Even these Beautiful Royals have bags under their eyes

Here Are 10 Ways to Help Prevent Bags Under The Eyes

“You do know that you have bags under your eyes don’t you?”  Those were the first words out of my ex-MIL’s mouth, the first time I met her a hundred years ago.  She then proceeded to ask if I smoked (which I didn’t) or if I needed her to recommend a good “concealer” (which I didn’t)!

Yes, I knew I had bags under my eyes, but I was surprised that she would have the nerve to mention that the first time she laid eyes on me.  But, I soon realized that was just her nature… she was blunt and said what she thought!

Back to the bags under my eyes…

It doesn’t make any difference whether you’re 40 or 60… the last thing you want to look in the mirror and see bags under your eyes. They seldom require medical attention, but they are 100% effective in making your look and feel older.  Obviously, something no one wants.

Ok, you have them… but how did you get them in the first place and how do you get rid of them?

There are several things that cause them, but especially as we get older, the tissues around the eyes weaken and start to sag… which causes fluid to accumulate beneath the eyes and appear swollen.

Seasonal allergies can contribute to bags under your eyes
Seasonal allergies, eczema, and sleeping on your side or face down will certainly make them appear worse.  Smoking, drugs, and alcohol can certainly be a factor.  And unfortunately, heredity plays a part.  I can blame my Mother for that.  She always had dark circles under her eyes, which she tried, unsuccessfully, to cover up with wide rimmed glasses and several layers of concealer.

The good news is that by changing a few habits, including lifestyle and diet, you can get rid of those bags under the eyes for good.

Take a look at these 10 ways to help get rid of those bags under your eyes:

  1. Get Help With Your Allergies

If you have seasonal allergies, you know that watery, puffy eyes are inevitable.  Try natural remedies  to help eliminate the problem before the sniffles, and puffy eyes start.

  1. Cut Down On the Salt

Salt is normally associated with high blood pressure.  But it can also cause fluid retention and lead to puffiness around the eyes?  Cut down on your salt intake, and cut back on salty foods, like pizza and canned soups.  Instead eat fresh vegetables, which helps curb your desire for salt!

  1. Exercise Those Bags Away

Exercise in general is an excellent way to keep us agile and younger looking.  There are also yoga for the face exercises that help tone and tighten the skin around the eyes.  Check out “The Yoga Facelift” by Marie-Veronique Nadeau.

The facial yoga exercises use various facial expressions and a very light pressure from your fingers as resistance.  Regular yoga is extremely beneficial for helping fight the “age” thing.  The inverted poses in regular yoga…shoulder stands and back bends, help increase circulation to the face, which will eliminate the excess fluid and reduce swelling.

Have yo been getting enough sleep

  1. How Do Your Sleep?

As strange as it sounds, sleeping on your side allows gravity to allow fluid build-up around your eyes.  Try sleeping on your back which will prevent that.  You might consider adding an extra pillow under your head as well.  The important thing is to get a good night’s sleep… lack of sleep makes the circles under the eyes worse.

  1. Don’t Sleep With Your Makeup On

Carefully remove your makeup before going to bed.  Leaving eye makeup on can irritate your eyes, causing them to water and get puffy.

  1. Limit or Eliminate Alcohol

Alcohol dehydrates your skin, and can cause the soft tissue around your eyes to appear sunken and dark. Don’t forget the bloodshot, tired eyes either.  If you’ll limit your alcohol to one glass a day and instead drink lots of water, you’ll look and feel fresher, your eyes will be wide open, and the skin around your eyes will be more hydrated and actually glow.

  1. Stop Smoking!

You know you should…. Just DO IT

  1. Try a Cucumber Slice

You’ve heard this home remedy before, but it actually works.  A slice of cold cucumber on each eye helps reduce puffy eyes and is very relaxing.  A cold, dampened tea bag with a drop of lavender essential oil added works well too.  Besides the benefits to reducing the swollen look… it’s just relaxing to close your eyes and rest!

  1. Use An All Natural Eye Cream

Keeping our skin moisturized is essential as we age, simply because our body’s collagen production is slowing down.  Collagen is what gives our skin its elasticity.  There are hundreds of creams available, but I highly recommend you make your own homemade eye cream.  Your skin will love you for it.

  1. Have Your Concealer Handy

The bags under your eyes didn’t appear overnight, so don’t expect to get rid of them overnight.

In the meantime… you may want to use a concealer.  You can make your own concealer, or there are some really good mineral-based options available.  The word of caution is to choose one that matches your skin tone.  Lightly PAT… not rub… the concealer onto the skin around the eyes using your little finger.   Don’t use too much. You want it to look natural, not caked on, which will make it stand out.

RISKS:  The skin around the eyes is extremely delicate. Be extremely careful when putting anything around or close to your eyes. And always… if you notice further irritation see your doctor immediately.

Have you tried ways to get rid of the bags under your eyes?  Be sure to join the conversation and let us know what you did? 

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