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How To Make Your Own All Natural Tick Repellent

You need tick repellent when walking in tall grass

When you spend time outdoors in tall grass or wooded areas, you run the risk of ending up with a tick latching onto you. That’s a fact!  But, using a tick repellent can help keep you from getting them in the first place.  And using an all natural homemade tick repellent rather than the deet-based sprays and other chemical repellents, is even better!

Not only are they nasty blood-sucking, leg-climbing stalkers, they also cause diseases like Lyme disease or Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, just to mention a couple.  According to the CDC, roughly 300,000 Americans are infected each year with Lyme disease… 8 to 10 times higher than the number of cases that are actually reported.

But, this post isn’t about ticks, their habitat or life-cycle, how to avoid or remove them, or even symptoms of tick-borne illnesses.

This is only about a recipe for an all natural homemade tick repellent.

Make your own tick repellent

There are 3 things to know before you make this tick repellent:

  1. Ticks are not killed by essential oils, but are repelled by the oil’s scent.  There are other essential oils other than the ones used in this recipe that have insecticidal properties.  But, this oil is used for the fact that ticks don’t like this particular scent.(No one seems to know the answer to that… just that it works)
  2. When buying essential oils (especially when you’re looking for a specific oil characteristics) be sure to watch for the oils genus and botanical name.  DO NOT purchase from the common name only. The reason… there are multiple species in a genus family and each one has its own properties.
  3. Remember, this oil was selected for its effectiveness as a tick repellent. Different species of oils have very different characteristics.  And this is especially true with Rose Geranium Oil.  You are looking for the one with the botanical name Pelargonium capitatum x radens.  Pelargonium graveolens is the most common Rose Geranium oil… but it’s not the exact same oil.  So read your label carefully.

Some oils need to be diluted, but this Rose Geranium Oil doesn’t. In addition to using the spray, you can also put a drop on your wrists and behind your knees.

This natural tick repellent is good for all sizes of ticks

Making this All Natural Tick Repellent is super simple:

  • 8 oz.   distilled water
  • 2 Tbs. witch hazel or vodka
  • 50 drops Rose Geranium Oil (be sure to get this one)
  1. Mix the Rose Geranium oil with the witch hazel in a glass spray bottle like this.  Shake it up… oil will mix with the witch hazel or vodka.
  2. Add in the distilled water and shake, shake, shake again!
To use:
  1. Shake well each time before using.  Spray on your clothes and/or your skin. You can even spray it on your dog to keep them tick free.  BUT DO NOT USE ON A CAT.
  2. Reapply when the smell starts to dissipate. Store out of sunlight. Keeps for 6 months.

Just a last note:

For better preservation of the remaining essential oil’s effectiveness (all essential oils degrade when exposed to sunlight), store the remainder in the refrigerator or a cool dark cabinet.

Make sure to label your Tick Repellent spray bottle!!  I forget to do that sometimes and sure enough… I can’t remember what the bottle is for OR what recipe I used for it.

If you’re not interested in making your own, but want to try it.  Let me know and I’ll get your some.

If you’ve used your own recipe… share it in the comments below.

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