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Tips For Making Homemade Fly Traps

I’m on a quest to find the best homemade fly traps!  And there are multiple traps that are supposed to work and… of course, each one is touted to be the best.

Flies and I do not get along. I don’t care if they’re inside, outside, or for that matter, anywhere…  I hate them!  I have fly swatters everywhere and they’re ok for killing a fly, but when it comes to multiple flies, I want the big guns.  Using chemicals is never an option… I’ll always go for the toxic free solution.

Homemade Fly Traps … do they work?

According to Green Living, hanging a zip-lock bag half full of water with copper pennies in it hung around doors, works great for flies, works well in the Southern United States, but not in Australia.  Really????

A bag of water and pennies, make a fly trap

I’ve been on Mission trips to Honduras and that’s the method used at Orphanage Emmanuel to keep flies away from the kitchen areas.  It seems to work well for them.  I tried it in Arkansas… and zero help.  If you’ve tried it and it worked… great.  If it didn’t, keep reading.

One site used their own homemade sticky fly paper.  You cut strips of brown paper sacks, spread honey on them, let them set overnight and hang the strips near doors and places where flies get in.

One guy suggested a variation… another way to use duct tape.  Cut strips of duct tape, sprinkle sugar on the sticky side, and hang the strips wherever you have flies.

Homemade fly traps using brown paper strips

Another favorite, with several variations, was to cut the top portion of a plastic bottle off, put about an inch of water, add some sugar, pieces of rotting fruit, and dishwater soap in the bottom part,  invert the cup off top into the bottom portion, duct tape it together and hang it away from doors.  This draws the flies away from the doors and keeps the smell where it doesn’t bother you.

Homemade fly trap using plastic bottles
Homemade fly traps using plastic

One fly trap was really simple.  Put about an inch of sugar water in a quart Mason jar, roll a piece of paper into a cone and put it in the jar… but not touching the water.  Tape it in place and set it out to catch those little buggers!

Homemade fly traps using mason jars

Granny’s homemade fly traps were torn strips of cloth that she put on the screen door to keep the flies away and there were also little wads of cotton on there too.  I don’t know if that was another way to keep flies away or if those were holes in the screen she was plugging up.  She also kept the food, left on the table between meals, covered with a tablecloth.

If you don’t want to mess with the fly traps, here’s a recipe that I’ve used for years:

Mix everything in a spray bottle, shake well and spray on yourself or your pet.

I’m willing to try most anything to keep the flies away… how about you? 

Currently, I have the duct tape strips up, and also a bottle with the dishwasher soap and some rotten banana peel in it.   I’ll let you know how they work.

Do you remember what your Grandparents used to keep the flies away?   Have  you ever used homemade fly traps?

If you’re having trouble with ticks, you might want to check out my post for a  Homemade Tick Repellent.

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  1. The first year I moved back to Georgia, I had a window by my kitchen door that looked like some kind of fly plague. They would fly in and get trapped between the blinds and the window. Nothing seem to keep them out. Then my mother-in-law told me to hang Basil in the window. I started researching herbs and found that both Basil and Thyme are suppose to repel insects. I planted sweet basil and lemon thyme the first year and no more flies in the house. The second year I tried Purple basil and German Thyme and again no flies. My mother-in-law says you can hang the dried herbs right in the doorway and get the same results. But I liked having mine fresh to use in cooking. Also, pennies in a water bag have never worked in any of the states I lived in..

    1. Wow… I certainly like the idea of using the herbs. I have Basil growing now. And will have to get some Thyme. Thanks, Wendy.

  2. Pennies in the bag didn’t work for me, not wasting my honey on flies on purpose, tried the store bought version of the rotten fruit in the coke bottle, didn’t work either. Got Barney A-Salt-Gun and he will kill flies for hours, only problem is salt is on everything where he has killed the flies, but it keeps him entertained.

    1. I wondered if that wouldn’t be a problem with the salt gun. Hey the fact that it keeps him busy may be worth the mess – lol

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