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A Rustic Galvanized Wash Tub... How Would You Use It?

Rustic galvanized tub wash stand

My ABSOLUTE Favorite Son and Daughter-in-law came for breakfast on Saturday and presented me with this fantastic old galvanized wash tub and stand. I was ecstatic! Absolutely love it… but can’t decide what to do with it.

Hoping I can get some really good suggestions on how to use this old double, galvanized wash tub.

It’s in really good shape considering it’s age.

I can actually remember my Granny Sosebee using one almost identical to this.  She would heat her water in a big black cast iron pot over an open fire in the yard, and then pour the water into the tubs… one side had a rub board and a bar of lye soap for scrubbing the clothes.  The other side she used for rinsing the clothes.

When the tubs were being used, the black hoses were hooked over the edge of the tub. When it was time to drain the tub, you just unhooked the hose and let it hang down into a bucket.

Granny would take that bucket full of the water that she had just washed and rinsed her clothes in and re-use it to water her garden.  She didn’t have the luxury of running water and turning on a sprinkler to water the garden.  She had to go to the well, lower the bucket, and pull it up… one bucket full at a time.

The hoses hooked over the tub to keep the water from running out.

Just for the record… I have no intention of using the tubs to wash clothes in like Granny did… but I would love to have some suggestions on using it on my front porch as decor.

I’m open to suggestions…

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  1. Put a wood top on them and use them as an island or chopping/block prep center in your kitchen. Use them as double sinks in rustic style bathroom. I’ll text you a photo of this one since I can post a photo here.

  2. Hi Cheryl! How about a fall arrangement, an ice and beverage container, a house plant or maybe even put light bulbs in them to make light fixtures. Or put some really cool antique or breakables in them and cover with a glass top for a table. Just some thoughts…

    1. My son had actually suggested using it with a glass top as a sofa table. Thanks

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