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There's A Secret To Freezing Avocados... Here's How

Freezing avocados by the basket full

Have you ever wondered if you can freeze avocados?

I did, so I tried it, and sure enough it works!  As a matter of fact, freezing avocados is pretty easy… I found at least 4 different ways to freeze them.

First off… I have an admission to make.   I have a fear of running out of food.  It goes back to when my kids were young.  Money was scarce, so we feed them and did without.  I swore to myself that, like Scarlett O’Hara, “I’d never go hungry again”.

That was years ago.  But even now, when I’m shopping, instead of buying 1 of the things on my grocery list, I’ll buy at least 3… or if it’s available in bulk, I’ve been known to do that.

If something’s on sale, I’ll buy as much as I can afford.  Like for instance… avocados.  They were on sale 2 for $1, down from $1.38 each, so I bought 16.

When I was putting the groceries away, I realized that there wasn’t any way the two of us could eat 16 avocados before they started turning.  Don’t get me wrong, we LOVE avocados, but I may have gone too far on that one.

So, the question became … is anyone freezing avocados?

The answer is a re-sounding YES… but there’s also a caveat.  Once you’ve frozen the avocados, you won’t be able to slice them on a sandwich or eat them in a salad.  But, they’re still amazing in dips, guacamole or cooking with them.

Here’s 4 of the ways to freeze avocados:

Freezing avocados in halves
  1. Freeze them in halves

The absolute easiest and quickest way of freezing avocados is to simply cut them in half lengthwise, peel them, lay them out on a tray covered with waxed paper, spritz the halves really good with lemon (or lime) juice. You don’t need to dip them in the lemon juice, just be sure to coat them really well.  I had a Pampered Chef spritzer, but it bit the dust and I found this one online… much cheaper and  I absolutely love it.

I use about 2 tsp lemon (lime) juice for each large avocado, (1 tsp if it’s small).  You can use fresh squeezed lemon juice, but I prefer this Volcano Bursts Organic Lemon Juice.  I’ve also used Lakewood Organic Lemon Juice , but it’s $4 more for about the same size bottle.  But, they’re both great.

Once you’ve got the avocado halves spritzed, flash freeze them.

After their frozen, put them in a plastic ziplock bag and either vacuum seal or use my method… close the bag tightly around a straw.  Then suck as much air as you can out.  Quickly take the straw out and seal the little opening.  Label, date it and stick the bag back in the freezer.

Freezing avocados - diced

2. Diced

When I have the time and want to go a step further, I’ve been freezing avocados diced up, and then use the same method as I described above when working with the halves.

I found this Avocado 3 in 1 Spoon at Williams Sonoma a couple of years ago and it makes slicing and dicing avocados a cinch.  I checked and Amazon offers it much cheaper than what I paid.  Take a look here.

You can use them diced in just about anything calling for avocados. Just add the avocado as the very last thing,  and just a few minutes before serving.  The avocado dices will thaw quickly and hold their texture.

Freezing avocados

3.  Pureed

If you half or dice the avocadoes before freezing them, they’ll be chunkier when thawed than if you puree them.  But if you’re going to use them in sauces, truffles, dressings, or even smoothies, then pureeing them will work great.

Simply toss your peeled avocado in your blender or food processor, squeeze in some lemon juice, and process until you get your desired texture.  Scoop the puree into a ziplock bag, and remove as much air as possible, like I described above and freeze it.

If you don’t want to use ziplock bags, you can use ice trays.  Just scoop the pureed avocado into each cavity and freeze it.  Buy separate ice cube trays if you decide to go this method… they’ll get a bit discolored over time.

Then, same as the other methods… place the trays in the freezer until it’s frozen, then pop the cubes out, place in a ziplock bag, and suck the air out. Then back to the freezer they go.

Freezing avocados for guacamole

4.  Guacamole

If you like guacamole as much as we do, then you’ll love this method of freezing avocados.

Any guacamole recipe will work.  But, I’ll give you a little suggestion… if you put tomatoes in your guacamole, then DON’T add them in your mixture.  Tomatoes don’t freeze well for guacamole… wait until you’re going to actually use it.  You can either freeze the guacamole in ziplock bags, plastic freezer containers  or in jars like these.  Put a taco salad in the jar, guacamole frozen in the top part, (which would keep your salad cold and crisp), add a bag of chips and you’ve got your sack lunch.

Oh, and if you’re going to make a Taco Salad in a Jar, you’ll for sure want to use this Homemade Taco Seasoning for it!

Have you tried freezing avocados?  Success or failure?  

I was about to forget…  if you cut an avocado and don’t want to use all of it at one time, and want a way to keep it from turning brown in the frig… then you really NEED  one of these Evriholder – Avocado savers.   I saw one advertised somewhere and decided to order it.  It works great, and you need to get you one.  Trust me… you’ll love it!

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  1. Glad to know that you can actually freeze them. Our grocery store puts them on sale when they are just about to be overripe, so knowing I can freeze them, I’ll definielty buy a bunch next time. Thanks

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