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DIY Soft Scrub Kitchen Cleanser

Spoon the DIY soft scrub into a glass container

Here’s a copy-cat project I think you’re going to like… DIY Soft Scrub kitchen cleanser.

Little-by-little, I’m trying to replace the chemical laden products I have been using, with new non-toxic ones.  So, when I found this copy-cat recipe for an all-natural, DIY Soft Scrub, I immediately made some.  Since then, I’ve used it in the kitchen almost every day.  And, it works great on the bathtub too.

So, let me tell you about my new favorite cleaner that’s made from just 3 all-natural ingredients. You’ll be amazed how it will whiten your porcelain or ceramic sink without bleach!

When we replaced our old stainless sink with a white over cast iron one, I’ve been careful about cleaning it.  The last thing I wanted was for it to get stained or scratched up.

To make this DIY Soft Scrub… here’s what you’ll need.

Only takes 3 all-natural ingredients to make DIY Soft Scrub
  1. 3 Tbl.       Castile Soap.   I use this kind….  (be sure to get the unscented kind)
  2. 1 cup        Baking Soda
  3. 15 drops  Essential oil…. like Lemon, Orange or Citrus Fresh.

Citrus essential oils are wonderful for removing sticky substances or getting out stains. (I only use Young Living oils.  I’ll be glad to share my “why” with you anytime.)

Mix the DIY Soft Scrub ingredients well.

Making this DIY Soft Scrub is so simple.

You just mix the 3 ingredients together in a medium size bowl. If, when you get thru mixing it, the consistency is pretty dry and paste-like, just add a little more of the castile soap.

Once you’ve gotten it all mixed up, spoon it into an air-tight GLASS container.  I use little half-pint, wide mouth mason jars that I bought at Walmart… or you can order them online here for about the same price and free shipping.

Whenever I’m working with essential oils, I ALWAYS use glass containers… citrus oils can leach toxins out of plastic.  And personally, I’d rather not be adding new chemicals into my non-toxic… all natural cleaning products.

Spoon the DIY soft scrub into a glass container

I used my new super scrub cleanser on my sink… here’s a before and after picture.  

Before and after cleaning my sink with my DIY Soft Scrub

If you’re interested in changing from cleaning products loaded with toxic chemicals and wanting to go more “natural”, check out “Making Your Own Magic Erasers” and “99 Ways To Use Cleaning Erasers

I hope you’ll try this “recipe”… be sure to let me know how you like it.

And again, I would love to tell you about Young Living’s Essential Oils and how I use them.

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  1. Made this and so far am really liking it. Will you be posting other recipes too?

    1. Iris, glad you like it. And yes, I’ll be posting more of my diy recipes, so stay tuned.

  2. I’m trying to replace all of my cleaning products with non chemical stuff. This sound easy and workable. Thanks.

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