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DIY Curtains To Go With Rustic Decor - Cheap & Easy

Make your own curtains

When we moved into the farmhouse 3 years ago, there was a list a mile long of things that needed and had to be done… some were major things, some were more “wanted” than “needed” and some were “whenever we get around to it”.

I put curtains in the need category. Let me explain…

Our downstairs is one big 26’x28′ room (except for a small corner bathroom). There are four 6’x6′ windows,three 3’x6′ windows and a window above the kitchen sink. Windows we have! And I love them, especially in the fall and spring when we can open them and get a fantastic cross breeze.

But, even though they are double pane insulated, there are some downsides to that much glass with no window covering…

  1. in the summer the sun shining in is hot, I can close the curtains and keep OUT some of the heat
  2. in the winter, I can close the curtains and keep IN the heat
  3. at night, I can close them and don’t have to worry about the coyotes and bears watching me (ok… maybe not)

I looked at buying curtains, but when you live in a VERY rustic home and you want to keep it that way, you don’t want to put anything fancy over the windows.

I came up with an idea on how to make curtains that were quick, easy and cheap. I made a trip to Lowes and bought four 4’x 15′ medium weight canvas drop cloths. That was enough to cover the 4 windows in the living room.

Painter's Pride canvas drop cloth

When I got home, I:

  1. Washed and dried them on the HOT cycle.
  2. Cut each one in half lengthwise so that I had 2 pc. that were 84″ long by 48″ wide.
  3. My window OPENING was 58″ from top to bottom window ledge, so I added another 13 1/2″ for a valance and hem and cut BOTH 84″ lengths down to 71 1/2″ each.
  4. NOTE: Do NOT cut the factory hemmed edge… that’s going to be the bottom hem on the curtain.
  5. Turn the cut end down 1/2″ and press.
  6. Turn that down another 1″ and press again.
  7. Sew it down to make a hem.
  8. Turn the edge you just hemmed down 12″ to give the curtain a “valance”. Press.
Making the curtain valance

9.   Put a hook/ring every 6″ along the pressed edge
10.   Thread the hooks onto the curtain rod and hang.

(I put my curtain rod as close to the inside of the casing as possible, so that the barnwood casings would show.)

Clip the hook to the canvas
Put the curtain rod just high enough to cover the opening

That’s it… easy – EASY

It cost me less than $100 to make all of the curtains including the hooks and curtain rods that I bought at Walmart.

Make your own curtains

The most time consuming part of making the curtains was that every one of them was a different size… the man who built the house was a brick mason who bartered his work for the windows, doors, siding, etc.

Nothing matched nor did the doors or windows have any casing around them. But, thanks to my talented husband, they do now! He cased the windows and doors with the same old barnwood that he made my kitchen cabinets out of.

As a matter of fact the siding on the outside of the house was 4 different types and colors of aluminum siding. The downstairs ceiling was white vinyl siding which we replaced with my Antique Ceiling Tins. 

What do you think about the curtains… good idea or not?  Honest opinion…

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  1. I made these same curtains for my outside – except I didn’t cut or sew!
    I just folded down for the valance to get the correct length – we love them
    Great idea to use drop cloths.

  2. Cheryl,,,, I’ve read if this before. I absolutely love them!!! Would like to do that in my den sometime soon!! Thanks for the pics. Your talents never cease to amaze me!! ??? dian

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