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DIY Pallet Wood Flower Planters

Make a wooden planter out of pallet wood

Before moving to the farm, we replaced some of the wooden fence around the back yard of our house in town.  Instead of  throwing the old boards away… I decided to re-use these beautiful old rotten boards.

I started with just a little project… I made some wooden totes, and used a tree branch for the handle.

And the best part is that you don’t need a lot of tools to make them…

  • Jigsaw  (or even a hacksaw will work fine)
  • Drill
  • Little nails or screws
  • Wood glue
Old wood flower planter with twig handle

I cut 10″ off the tops of 2 of the boards to make the end pieces, then drilled a hole about 1 1/2″ down from the top of each board for the handle to go thru. (depending on how big your handle is determines how big a hole to drill)

Cut 2 pieces for the sides (whatever length you want – I made one tote 10″ long and another one 12″).  Next cut a bottom piece that is about an inch shorter than the length of your two sides.

I found small tree limbs that were curved and broke them so that the twig stuck out about an inch past the end pieces of the wood.

Put the twig handle thru the holes in both end pieces.  Then, put the bottom piece between the end pieces and glue or nail it in place.    Once the glue has had a chance to set up,  glue or nail your sides in place.

If you forget to put the curved handle in before nailing it together, you won’t be able to get the handle thru both holes.

Old Wood Flower Planter with twig handle

These little wood boxes can be used for so many different things… and changed for each season.  I’ve had plants in them for summer,  put gourds, acorns and leaves for fall,  poinsettias and LED candles for Christmas, and green grass and colored eggs for Easter.

Using a reclaimed wood planter for fall decor
Reclaimed wood and twig handle flower planter

Have you  ever made baskets or planters with old wood?  What wood craft ideas did you come up with?  Share your ideas.

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  1. Cut idea. Will try to make some. Our neighbor is replacing his fence, maybe he will let me have some of his boards.

  2. I love those !!! Did I see hints of green paint on those boards?
    I had NO idea you live in an old
    Farmhouse on the mountain and had NO FIREPLACE!! Good grief,,,, sooooo gladdd you are getting one and can’t wait to see pictures!!!!!?❤️❗️dh

    1. The boards were old and rotting on the bottom, so I think that was just the way the weather had turned and twisted the wood. I don’t think they had ever been painted. I got to meet the son (one of 12 kids) of the guy that had build it and he said they only had a wood burning stove that heated the downstairs and that Mama cooked on. The upstairs had no heat at all except what would come up from the downstairs.

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