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Freeze Eggs…Which Way Is Best

The last thing on my mind after buying the farm, was learning how to freeze eggs.  Don’t get me wrong, I did have some grandiose plans... I’d gather fresh eggs from my chickens, put honey on my toast from my…

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Freezing Avocados Before They Ruin

Have you ever wondered if you can freeze avocados? I did, so I tried it, and sure enough it works!  As a matter of fact, freezing avocados is pretty easy... I found at least 4 different ways to freeze them.…

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How To Remove Water Stains On Granite

I love granite countertops... they’re both beautiful and easy to take care of.  However, over time granite can lose its shine and start to look dull and dirty. But, here’s how to deep clean and remove water stains on granite…

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Spring Mantle Decorations – 2018

With the c-r-a-z-y Arkansas weather this year, my Easter and Spring décor has been limited to just changing the decoration on the fireplace mantle. I love my bunny rabbits and fake grass… But best of all, I love having a…

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Caring For Wooden Cooking Utensils

I absolutely love my wood cooking utensils.  When “junkin”, I always keep an eye out for any unusual or fun wooden spoons, bowls, spatulas,etc.  Taking care of wooden kitchen utensils (and wooden cutting boards), especially ones that are “used” is…

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How To Make Wool Dryer Balls

I had never heard of wool dryer balls until about 5 years ago when my friend, Anna, gave me one and said to try it the next time I did laundry.   I wasn't terribly impressed, until she mentioned how much…

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How To Make Your Own Dryer Sheets

I’ve been making my own dryer sheets for several years.  It started out as a "necessity is the mother of invention" thing.  I had forgotten, AGAIN, to add the fabric softener to the rinse cycle of the load of clothes…

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Cleaning Erasers… 99 Ways To Use Them

I've been a fan of cleaning erasers for years.  My friend, Wendy, demonstrated how easy it was to clean her daughter's leather band shoes.  They were so grimy and muddy... but she took one of those little sponges, dampened it with…

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How To Make Pumpkins Out Of A Log

I've had fun making these pumpkins using some of our firewood logs. They're super easy to make and look really neat on the mantle. You need three things: a log 1/8 yd. green burlap (or ribbon) Rit Liquid Dye -…

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