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A Help For Alzheimer's... Could It Be Olive Oil?

The Alzheimer's patient can find his way home by looking for his shadow box.

Don’t get me wrong… every disease is horrible, but I think Alzheimer’s is in a category all its own. Not only does the patient know from the beginning what is going to happen to their mind, their loved ones have to watch it happen and know that there’s not the slightest chance of curing it and nothing they can do to stop it.

I can’t imagine the heartbreak of a daughter knowing that, yesterday your Mother knew you, but when you see her today she may not.  Or, the pitiful look on her face when she looks at you and wonders why some stranger is in her room with tears running down her face.

Until she retired, my sister-in-law was the CEO of a Alzheimer’s facility in Tulsa, OK and while the facility was state-of-the-art, it was still heartbreaking to visit.

Each patient had their own room and just outside their door was a “shadowbox” built into the wall. The box contained pictures and mementoes of the patients current memories, so that the patient could find their way back to their own room by looking for “their” box of memories.

For instance, if the patient remembered being in World War II… then the box contained their military uniform, medals, and things to do with the war. If their memory was of their children, now grown, as babies, then pictures of them with the babies were in the boxes. Whatever they needed to remind them who they were, keep them comfortable in their surroundings and not feel “lost”.

One shadow box contained a Nurse’s uniform… complete with cap and white shoes. The lady had been an RN over 30 yrs. ago.  Another had a toolbox full of tools and pictures of a mechanics garage… the gentleman had owned a garage and worked on cars for over 40 years.

As the patient’s memory degenerated, the contents in the shadow boxes had to be changed.

In order to keep anyone from wandering off, all exterior doors were kept locked (but electronically unlocked immediately if there was a fire emergency). There was one elderly gentlemen who kept “escaping” and they would find him wandering around outside or walking down the road, but still inside the fenced perimetor. How he was getting out of the locked doors was a complete mystery… UNTIL they found out that he had been a locksmith in his younger years, and was an expert at picking locks!

But, there may be help on the horizon…

USA Today recently published an article about Researchers at Temple University’s Lewis Katz School of Medicine having found that extra virgin olive oil could actually protect the body against Alzheimer’s disease.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if something as simple as an olive, that God put on this earth, could prevent or even cure a disease as horrible as Alzheimer’s. Hopefully, research will continue and find that not only will olive oil prevent it, but also reverse it!   (I don’t know about you, but I would love to know what brand was used in the research.)

FYI… There’s been a lot of hoopla recently on fake olive oils… which brand is best, which ones are diluted down, etc.   I’m researching info on how to tell which is real and which is fake.  Be sure to sign up for my Newsletter and I’ll let you know when it’s posted.

I use Carlini 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Its been certified for both purity and quality by the North American Olive Oil Association.

Have you used Carlini?  Has the news about the fake oils changed the brand you buy?

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  1. It’s a horrible disease. There’s a lot of research going on, so maybe the olive oil is just a start. I really believe that our processed food is a part of it.

  2. My Dad had alzheimer’s and it was horrible watching him, he had always been so active and loved his grandkids, but at the end , he didn’t know them or even me. I still cry when I think about it.

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