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About Ozark Mountain Rustic – Our Mission

If you’re looking for 50+ years of practical tips, healthy food recipes, natural cleaning tutorials, natural remedies and other information that will detox your home and make your life better and healthier… then welcome to Ozark Mountain Rustic.

I’m not some 20 year old dishing out lessons that I haven’t learned yet.  I’m very much a type “A” personality, patience isn’t in my vocabulary, and don’t EVER tell me I can’t do something.  And especially if that “something” is because I’m a girl!

I’m not a doctor, a lawyer or a “health guru” … I’m just someone who’s super passionate in my belief that the pharmaceutical industry wants to keep you in the dark when it comes to natural health options.  And, they do NOT have our best interest at heart.

They want us to think that we have to depend on their drugs and a doctor’s visit for no matter what ails us.  And that responsibility for our health care is THEIR’s… not ours.

Of course they have their reasons for wanting us to think that… it’s called PROFIT!

But, I’m convinced that big pharma is wrong… God provided everything on earth that we need to stay healthy and live a long and productive life.  It’s our responsibility to learn about and use the resources He’s provided.

I take responsible for my health… and hopefully, you’re taking responsibility too.

Now hold on… you may be thinking “She’s one of those people who hates Western medicine and doctors”, but that’s not true.

I go to the Doctor when I need to.  I go to the hospital when I need to.  I get prescriptions filled when I need them.

But… I don’t run to the Emergency Room every time I stump my big toe.


Options to choose between drugs or natural alternatives.  And I’m passionate about showing other people that they have options.

Again, welcome to Ozark Mountain Rustic. 



If you’re interested, here’s a little background info on me…

I grew up in the Texas Panhandle, but spent my summers in Arkansas with my , Grandparents.  (Daddy died when I was 9 and Mother had to go to work to support us, so as soon as school was out, I was shuffled off to Arkansas… which by the way, is where I fell in love with trees and the country).

After living my adult life in the city and being in the Corporate World, where I spent hours dreaming of a life back in the country… where I had spent my “growing up” years with my Grandparents.  And about 10 years ago, I was able to do just that.  Gary and I bought an old farmhouse with a wrap-around porch, a barn and ten acres.

Our choice of country homesteading gives us the sheer pleasure of sitting on the porch listening to the “silence” and, watching the chickens scratch up my flowerbeds looking for worms or watching the deer grazing on the corn we’ve put out in the pasture for them.

I walk two miles every day, unless it’s pouring rain, sleeting, or snowing, up the road into the National Forest.

I love all kinds of crafts.

I drive 30 minutes in to town on Sundays for SS and church and Wednesday night for choir practice.  (I run errands and buy groceries before choir)

I have two amazing children… a daughter and son, both happily married, and two absolutely beautiful granddaughters.

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