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Declutter... 30 Things To Eliminate From Your Closet

Decluttering my closet

Am I the only one with a closet FULL of clothes I don’t really like?  

Do you ever buy things just because they’re on sale, only to find you don’t really like them all that much?

How do you keep your closet organized?  Have you ever thought about paring down your clothes to just the bare essentials?

Why not  “declutter” your closet and take a more “minimalistic” approach.

I did… and it only took me 2 days!!!

Is your closet cluttered?

Here are 30 things to eliminate from your closet:

  1. Anything with shoulder pads… even if they’re making a comeback!
  2. The high school cheerleader sweater… take a picture of it.
  3. The bridesmaid dress she said you could wear again… but you know you won’t.
  4. The formal dress bought for a Christmas party last year.
  5. Anything with stains that won’t come out.
  6. Pieces that need to be altered, but you don’t have anyone to alter them.
  7. Tops that show your nipples and shorts that show your butt cheeks.
  8. Christmas sweaters good or ugly.
  9. Things that have holes (if they’re not supposed to be there) or rips/tears.
  10. Skirts or tops that you can see through unintentionally.
  11. Your best friends jacket you borrowed… give it back to her!
  12. Those super cute shoes that you can’t even walk in.
  13. The jacket or bottom of a SUIT… they’re sold separately for a reason.
  14. Coats that you don’t wear… someone needs them more than you.
  15. Pieces you’re saving for your younger sister… she has her own style, not yours.
  16. Sentimental items that don’t even fit… take a picture.
  17. Bras that don’t really fit… be fitted and buy a good one.
  18. Purses… you don’t really need 15.
  19. Things that smells and you can’t get the smell out.
  20. Clothes or shoes that leave a mark or a blister.
  21. Scarves that don’t go with anything you own.
  22. Clothes that show your underwear… on top or bottom.
  23. Anything that you have to squeeze into or lay on the bed to get it on.
  24. Clothes you bought on vacation that you wouldn’t be seen dead in where you live.
  25. Pants and skirts that are shorter than they should be.
  26. Shirts that are longer than they are supposed to be.
  27. Pj’s and gowns that you don’t wear… you have favorites, get rid of the rest.
  28. If you like simple and subtle… then get rid of the sequins and sparkles.
  29. Multiples… those shoes look great in taupe but that doesn’t mean you need EVERY color of them.
  30. “Guilt items”. If you paid too much for it… dump the guilt and get rid of it… and say “lesson learned, hopefully”.

It’s doubtful that you will even miss the things you’ve taken out… and you’ll enjoy all the new space you have!

If you start having second thoughts about discarding something… ask yourself WHY are you holding on to something you don’t or shouldn’t wear. Once you figure out the real WHY, you can let it go.

  • Instead of holding on to your sealed up wedding dress, why not donate the dress but save a small piece of fabric from the inside to sew onto something you wear all the time… or save if for your child’s wedding as the “something OLD”?
  • What about that super trendy, expensive item that doesn’t fit or isn’t comfortable. Just think about how special the person who gets it from the Church Clothes Closet will feel.
  • If you’re holding onto stuff you bought for a life you don’t live, give it away and figure out what you really want and how to get it.

If there is something that you simply can’t let go off… put it somewhere out of sight for 90 days. You’ll have a chance to detach from it and then letting go isn’t so painful.

Separate what you take out into two different piles… one to discard and the other to take to your Church’s Clothes Closet or the Consignment Shop.

Don’t be afraid of empty space in your closet. It might feel weird at first, but when you can get dressed in the morning you’ll start to enjoy the benefits of owning less and find it easier to decide what you want to wear.

I’m thoroughly enjoying my new closet… I can actually find the piece I’m looking for.

Have you done a “declutter” lately?   Have I missed  anything other things to get rid of? 

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This Post Has 5 Comments
  1. I so need to do this!! I’m terrible about sentimental clothes!! I’ve had his talk with myself several times lately… most recently this morning and now your post!!?i need to just do it!! dian

  2. Love this topic. Since I move a lot I am always de-cluttering. Your article will help keep the goal in mind for those of us that sometimes get stuck by nostalgia when cleaning out.

  3. I plan to clean my closet when I get back from our trip. Really need to clean Barney’s side, he is worst at holding on to things than I am.

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