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Declutter Your Closet

Am I the only one with a closet FULL of clothes I don’t really like?   Do you ever buy things just because they're on sale, only to find you don’t really like them all that much? How do you…

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Making Healthy Commitments

After my post about resolutions and commitments, I’ve had several people ask if I've made any 2018 Commitments... and I have. I've made the same New Year's Resolutions for years to eat healthier and exercise more.  BUT, the problem has…

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Epsom Salts And Olive Oil

I don’t know about you… but no matter how much lotion I put on after my shower or bath, especially in the wintertime, my skin gets sooooo dry it just flakes off. I figure that by the time Spring rolls…

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Resolutions vs Commitments

Just checking in to see how many of us made New Year's Resolutions and it being almost 3 weeks into the new year, have already dropped them or maybe... like me... haven't started them yet? Well, that's not really true.…

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Are you A “Leftie”?

I remember well being in the 1st grade and my teacher whacking me on the hand when she saw me writing with my left hand.  She finally gave up on me changing hands, so she made me learn to write…

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Instant Pot Recipes… 20 Of The Best

I'll admit that I wasn't impressed when I heard about the newest and latest kitchen gadget... called Instant Pot.   Being "old-school"... I prefer the classic, time-tested tools like cast iron skillets, stoneware baking pans and my 40 year old Presto pressure…

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