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Cleaning Erasers… 99 Ways To Use Them

I've been a fan of cleaning erasers for years.  My friend, Wendy, demonstrated how easy it was to clean her daughter's leather band shoes.  They were so grimy and muddy... but she took one of those little sponges, dampened it with…

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Essential Oils Carrying Case

I've been using Essential Oils for about 4 years and kick myself on a regular basis for not using them before then. I grew up knowing that Granny Sosebee used her "herbs" and "potions" all the time, but I never…

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A Pinch – A Dash – A Smidgen – A Tad

When Granny cooked, she hardly ever measured her ingredients... she somehow knew how many handfuls of flour or sugar she needed to make her biscuits or bread or cornbread. Unfortunately, that "somehow knew" gene wasn't passed on to me. When…

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