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Fresh Apple Skillet Cake

Mornings here on the mountain are not always leisurely, but when they are… We sit on our covered porch with a cup of hot chocolate or glass of ice water (depending on the weather), watching the sun come up over…

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How To Make Pumpkins Out Of A Log

I've had fun making these pumpkins using some of our firewood logs. They're super easy to make and look really neat on the mantle. You need three things: a log 1/8 yd. green burlap (or ribbon) Rit Liquid Dye -…

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Gluten Free Pumpkin Snickerdoodles

Fall is officially here... and as I've said before - it's my favorite time of the year. Can't think of a single thing about fall that I don't like. And one of my favorite things - pumpkins. Yep, pumpkins... most…

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Fall Mantle Decor 2017

When we bought the farm 3 years ago, there were 3 things that I wanted... a wrap-around porch, a barn and a fireplace with a mantle. I got 2 of the 3. There wasn't a fireplace. I love backing up…

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