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How this city girl started blogging…

Almost 4 years ago we moved from the city to the country. We bought an old farmhouse on 10 acres, surrounded by the National Forest, up in NW Arkansas. The place was a disaster, so I started a website,, and started posting pictures of the remodel with a short blurb about the picture.

The actual remodel and life got hold of me and I’m sorry to say, that I quit posting the things we were doing and the progress we were making. I never considered that posting about the remodel would qualify as a blog, but in a sense I guess it “sorta” was.

A few weeks ago, out of the clear blue, I got an email from my daughter – “Mom, you should start a blog.” What! I hadn’t said a word to anyone, but I had actually been thinking about doing just that. I wasn’t even sure what I would or could blog about.

I still wasn’t convinced that it was what I should do. My job in the Oil & Gas industry had ended, so I had plenty of time… and while I ‘m old enough to be retired, I’m a “workaholic” and not good at twiddling my thumbs, sitting around watching TV or reading all day.

I do like to cook, but there are only two of us and we don’t entertain very often, so there’s only so much cooking to be done. I love to sew and do crafts… but again, there has to be a limit to how many skirts, barn wood flower boxes, hooked rugs or other “crafty” things you can put in one house!

My Sunday School Class was studying Priscilla Shirer’s “The Armor of God”, and in one of the video lessons she talked about stepping out on faith to do something you were being led to do. She mentioned – taking a new job even if the pay is less, or starting a new ministry of some sort… but the very first thing she said was what got me – “If you’re being led to start a blog, then start it”.

Wow! I had been wanting a “sign” and if that didn’t qualify, I sure as heck don’t know what would. I felt like I had been hit up side the head with a 2×4! I was excited, scared and amazed all at the same time.

I’m not sure where the blog will lead me, but I know that whatever God has called us to do… He will equip us to do it. So, if I can inspire or encourage just one person, or make someone laugh at some of the stupid things I’ve done and mistakes I’ve made, then I will have accomplished my goal.

But, enough about how Ozark Mountain Rustic came to be… tell me about YOU and join me in this “blogging adventure” and see where it leads us.  Say “hi” in the comments of a post that looks interesting to you and tell me how you ended up here.

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