Ozark Mountain Rustic
Our Little Slice Of Heaven!

Welcome To Our World!

Ozark Mountain Rustic began as an idea we had as we were redecorating the old farmhouse Gary and I bought a couple of years ago.

For years, I could picture this place in my head; a house in the mountains with a wrap-around porch, board-and-batten wood siding, old screen doors with squeaky hinges, wood floors, and an old wood stove.

And of course, there had to be a barn.

I don't even want to think about how many hours, miles and tanks of gasoline it took us to find it.... but we did!

We walked around for a few minutes, peeked in all the windows... old pine wood floors, and one huge room downstairs with wood support beams. There was even a wrap-around porch AND a barn.

To put it mildly, the former owners had done some pretty strange things to the house; 3 kids of metal siding, mismatched wallpaper on every wall, plastic exterior siding for the inside ceilings (!!!)…

As you can probably imagine, the place was a complete mess. Our kids thought we had lost our minds, but we saw it’s potential of becoming our dream home!

And so the "re-model" began...

Living in a construction site for over a year has been challenging, but it's been worth every minute of it. Gary is a fantastic craftsman ( If you haven't seen the rug hooking frames that he makes for our sister website - RugHookingCentral.com, you should check them out. ), and I've always loved working with any kind of craft, so we jumped in with all four feet.

Even the kids are seeing "my vision" and actually starting to like it.

The exterior siding has been covered with board and batten, the inside ceilings are now covered with old ceiling tins that I distressed and painted, the front broken brick steps have been replaced with wooden steps, the kitchen now has old barnwood cabinets that Gary built, and we have the wood stove that we'll install early this fall.

I've had a ball using everything I could find that was "old" and "rusty" to include in my dream home.

When friends started to suggest that I start selling some of the things I had made and included in our decor, I thought why not? I love making things... and selling them would be a bonus.

I hope you can envision some of our products in YOUR dream home.

And I would love to hear from you…